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DISCLAIMER! Please use what you have. Do not feel obligated to purchase anything new. This is to help guide people who have no art supplies at all. 

*Please note that all links are using Amazon affiliate. I will get a small kick-back that will be put towards continuing my pursuits of helping people gain knowledge and understanding of materials and artistic techniques. You are not obligated to purchase directly from these links if you do not wish to do so!

Watercolor Supply Recommendations.

PAPER - Look for the following terms:

 - High g/m

 - High Lb

 - 100% cotton

 - Archival

PAINT - Look for the following terms: 

 - Artist Grade.

 - Excellent Lightfastness.

 - Transparency preferences.

BRUSHES - Look for the following terms: 

 - Synthetic Goat, Sable, Squirrel Hair (or any other soft or fine hair).

 - Size & Shape (depends on your preference).

Drawing Supply Recommendations.

Convenience Recommendations.

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