Fresh Start 2019: Wanted for Arrest and CHIEFS!

A few highlights of January to bullet point:

🔥 Announcement of going freelance.

❌ Wanted for arrest in Rhode Island (video below about the topic).

✏️ Drawing Patrick Mahomes and a Kansas City Chiefs win against the Colts!

Plans for End of January:

✏️ Drawing Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs.

💓 "Sweetheart" card line to launch.

Happy New Years, everyone! Welcome to my first blog post! As most of you know, I am very long-winded so I thought it would be good to have my month and projects at a glance!

We start off the year with the information that I somehow have a record in Rhode Island. The entire story is detailed in this YouTube video as a story time as I paint one of the images for Abner and my Honeymoon Sketchbook and Journal.

As time moved forward and I announced to all of Facebook my intentions of beginning a life of a freelance artist, I decided to draw Patrick Mahomes, Quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs. This was met with a lot of positive feedback and the original sold within 5 minutes so it was quite the boost in my confidence! Click the photo to see more information for purchase.

I thank everyone for checking out the first blog post and appreciate everyone's encouragement and cheers as I navigate through this exciting time. Your support means the world to me and I look forward to sharing my future endeavors with you!

All the love,


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