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Etchr Watercolor Brush Review!

Hi, Everyone!

In an attempt to become a more conscientious consumer for my product enthusiast ways, my mission for this blog is to become self-aware in what I frequently enjoy, how I like to experiment with materials, and what I tend to gravitate towards v. pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

With that being said....let's talk about these Etchr Watercolor Brushes!

Full disclosure: Due to my live demo and workshop with Etchr Labs, I received 1 perfect sketchbook and 1 set of watercolor brushes from the company. I currently own 3 Everyday Sketchbooks and 3 Perfect Sketchbooks that I have purchased myself before working with Etchr.

What this set includes:

Vegan, Synthetic

Round Brushes: 1, 3, 6, 8,10, 12

Flat: 1/4, 1/2

Angle: 3/8

Fan Brush: 1

Etchr Roll Up Pouch

The ways I tend to paint are reminiscent to the images on the left rather than the right. I like to use light feathery strokes to build up the watercolor and gouache.

Pros of the Brushes:

*All of my comparisons are to synthetic brushes. Not natural hair. There will be another blog post featuring my natural hair brushes*

+ When painting, I feel like I have a lot of control with the watercolor and water.

+ For quick lifting techniques, the bristles held up well, even on my rougher Arches watercolor paper.

+ There is a nice spring to the bristles. If you like squirrel hair or softer synthetics, you may not like the bounce.

+ Suitable for watercolor and gouache techniques.

+ Performed well with different types of washes and techniques for how I like to paint.

+Price per brush is actually quite decent even if the overall price gives you sticker shock.


- Most of the brushes are not my go-to. I found myself using 3 consistently from the set of 10. I can see the flat brushes being put to good use when I do my swatches, but I usually don't use angle or fan brushes. Since you cannot customize how many brushes come in the set or just purchase a few, it may just add clutter to your space.

- Roll up pouches tend to crimp my bristles more than keep safe, so I see no value of using this pouch with these particular brushes. The good side, I can repurpose it for my travel brushes that are capped.

- The price is an investment at $48-$50 USD since you HAVE to purchase the set and pouch. If the set had an option to add on the roll up pouch so the price was lower, I think it might make more sense to try the brushes out.

- Hard scrubs or continuous use on really rough watercolor papers will damage the toe (tip) of the brush. Not a set to "use and abuse" since you do have to purchase all 10 brushes and the pouch.

Do I recommend this set?

Yeeees.....and no. It's an investment on how YOU use brushes. If more than half of the bristle types intrigue you, and you're not vigorous with how you use your brushes, I think these are a great option for every level of watercolor artist or (out of the tube/jelly) gouache.

It all depends on preference! If you liked all of the pros, the cons don't bother you, you have money to splurge, then I do recommend this set to try out! It as fun for me to use these brushes and explore forgotten bristle shapes and push myself to try new content.

Where to purchase:

Affiliate link:

*Affiliate link will give a slight kickback at no extra cost to you to help support my purchases for future reviews and my blog! Thank you in advance if you click or purchase from it.*

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